Nairobi Meeting Agenda

Internet Governance Forum 2011 in Nairobi

Freedom of Expression Online Dynamic Coalition

Wednesday (28.9) from 16:30 – 18:00 – UNON Nairobi – Workshop Room 1 – (Conference Room #2)

Meeting Agenda

  1. Short introductory round for old and new coalition members
  2. Important recent developments in Free Expression (FoE) Online
    1. Lessons for Internet FoE from the Arab Spring
    2. La Rue Report and Bildt declaration
    3. Joint declaration of four rapporteurs on online freedom of speech
  3. Guest speakers: Developing multistakeholder dialog on key FOE issues
    1. Lee Hibbart, Council of Europe: Erosion of FoE on the Internet
    2. Antti Peltomaki (tbc), DG INFSO: The EC position on ICANN
    3. Johan Hallenborg, Swedish Foreign Ministry: La Rue Report
    4. Michael Rotert, German Internet Associationn (eco)
  4. Developing the coalition agenda on important FoE issues
    1. Protecting HRDs defending FoE
    2. Protecting IP retricting FoE
    3. Liability laws limiting FoE
    4. Exploring Children’s rights to FoE
  5. Next steps of the coalition until the IGF 2012
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