FoE Online Dynamic Coalition Progress Report: April 2011

FoE Online Dynamic Coalition Progress Report:  April 2011

Vilnius 2010
Dynamic Coalition on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media Dynamic Coalition  (FoE DC) meeting at the 2010 IGF in Vilnius was extremely active and vibrant. A wide variety of new and existing coalition members presented their work on issues connected to freedom of expression. The meeting provided a space to bring debates forward on online free expression and to bring together stakeholders from a wide variety of different sectors and different continents, with civil society, government representatives, academics, corporations and international organisations engaged in the debate. As a result the list of coalition members had to be updated several times to include all of the new members and organisations, the final result of which are the coalition members listed here:

Separately an extended report of dynamic coalition meeting 2010 can be found here:

After the Vilnius IGF 2010
During 2008 and 2009 the Coalition went through an extended phase of restructuring in which various different coalition members were extremely active but relatively limited amounts of collaboration happened within the coalition itself. This changed in 2010 and was particularly noticeable after the Dynamic Coalition Meeting in Vilnius. Immediately after the meeting regular coalition meetings were organised and coalition members began working together on various joint projects related to Freedom of Expression.

Joint Statements
During the autumn the Coalition also authored, co-authored or contributed to several joint coalition statements. These statements were made in response to requests for comment at an international level where there coalition wishes to respond as a whole group rather than as individual members or organisations.

Comments on the ICANN Proposed Final Version of the Applicant Guidebook: and

Several coalition submissions to EU Consultation on on the future of electronic commerce:

Organisational Dimensions
Following the IGF in Vilnius in 2010 Lisa Horner from Global Partners and Associates decided to focus her attention on the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition. Since then Ben Wagner from European University Institute in Florence has coordinated the FoE DC with extensive support from a group of particularly active coalition members which includes:  Kim Pham from ExpressionTech, Dixie Hawtin from Global Partners and Associates, Karmen Turk from the University of Tartu, Roman Woznik from the Association of the German Internet Industry eco,  Walid Al-Saqaf from alkasir and Gry Hasselbalch from Denmark.

Towards the Nairobi IGF 2011
The coalition requests confirmation of a slot in the program for the dynamic coalition meeting at the IGF 2011 in Nairobi. As the FoE Coalition is becoming increasingly dynamic the meeting in Nairobi constitutes an important step towards consolidating existing activity within the coalition as well as gain new members and moments for further collaboration in 2011.

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